Chris Brown Crashes Deorro’s Coachella 2015 Party


Located in Indio, California, Coachella is one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States today. In 2014, The art and music festival tallied an aggregate attendance of 579,000 over six days and grossed a record-breaking $78.3 million.

But it wasnt always like this, The art and music festival first started in 1999, And caters not only to music genres like rock, indie, hip hop, and EDM, But also as an art festival. Created originally by boycotting venues controlled by Ticketmaster, The Behemoth music festival is definitely something to reckon with today.

For 2015, Chris Brown wanted to unleash a big surprise, By coming out on stage with EDM DJ Deorro as he DJ’ed playing his set.

Hip hop and Rap artists like Chris Brown have seen the masses EDM crowds bring, and want in on it. Chris Brown Crashes Deorro’s Coachella 2015 party set coming out with an energetic attitude and pumping up the crowd as a surprise. Call it what you want, But rap and hip hop artists are beginning to latch onto EDM, Quick.

Wearing a bright orange outfit, Chris Brown joined Deorro on stage to help rowdy up the crowd at the epic Coachella 2015 music festival party.



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