CHVRCHES Increase Gig Security: Savage Chris Brown Fans Spam Death Threats To CHVRCHES


After the lead singer of CHVRCHES called out Tyga and Chris Brown for women abuse, the EDM music group has now ramped up their security.

CHVRCHES revealed they’ve had to increase security at their edm gigs after receiving threats from angry fans of Chris Brown and Tyga.

Chris Brown Fans Send Death Threats To CHVRCHES

Lauren Mayberry Says Stop Promoting Artists Who Abuse Women

Speaking to a crowd in Texas, Lauren Mayberry said:

“But we weren’t just deciding to pick on Chris Brown for the sake of it. I was like, ‘I don’t know, maybe domestic abuse might be wrong,’”

Mayberry said.

“Now I’m gonna have to invest in some fucking bulletproof tutus, because apparently that does not go down well with the Breezy fans.”

“We were like, ‘maybe don’t promote serial convicted violence to kids, to young people,” and then they were like ‘you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna rape you and shoot you.’ You kind of proved the point.”


Is this what people get when they stand up for the right thing in life?

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