Clone Releases Addictive “Inside My Heart” Future Bass Song & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


In an era where everything becomes digital, people emerge from the ground and shoot for the stars, becoming smarter, better and more ambitious.

That’s how French artist Jordan Cadon going under the name Clone sees the world that surrounds him.

After years of experimentation and dedication to music, he finally strikes and hit the music world with his debut EP called “Black Mask” featuring four hard-hitting tracks that represents the man himself.

Clone – Inside My Heart

The 23-year old artist can deal with any genre he likes and write a story that stays in people’s minds.

The powerful and amazing track “Inside My Heart” is a good example of what he makes best. With his songwriting skills and outstanding production, the musician drives the listener to a whole new place where people, emotions and music come together.

Clone Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

EDM RANKS had a chance to interview Clone about how he started producing electronic dance music, talks about “Inside My Heart” and more, check it out below.

Tell us about ‘Inside My Heart” how did this song come to you?
Experimentation and the desire to create something unique. The intro in particular which I’m very proud of. This song is all about showing off what I could do in a genre that I never produced before. I still find the hook I wrote pretty addictive. When it happens and the drops follows and hits you hard, you know you created a good track.
What inspires you to produce?
French electronic artists like Justice and SebastiAn. I was amazed by the uniqueness and how intricate that kind of music was back in the days. It inspired to me to start and learn how to do it.
How did you begin producing EDM?
A computer magically appeared in my room and told me to create badass music. So I did.
Do you have any favorite VSTs, DAWs or synths to use?
FL Studio is my main DAW. Favorite VST is SPAN by Voxengo followed by Ozone Imager’s Vectorscope. I don’t really care about synths. I’ll use whatever it takes to make the kind of sound I want.
What can we expect from you next year In 2018?
Another EP for sure. Those who liked “Inside My Heart” won’t get disappointed. Of course I’ll be experimenting with new genres but the quality of the vocals and production are going to remain intact so keep an eye out for it and don’t be shy to connect with me on Facebook as I’ll give news about it very soon.

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