Conspiracy Industries Releases “When I Scream” Dubstep & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Conspiracy Industries is the sound of British producer Adam Morris.

He creates high impact electronic music that is influenced by a wide range of heavy electronic music genres like Dubstep, Trap, and Bass House.

Conspiracy Industries – “When I Scream”

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He pushes expectations with every release and his energy will make you dance all night, or fist pump someone’s nose who is next to you at the EDM festival or club.

“When I Scream” is sweet mind bending dubstep song that is sure to find the home on many playlists worldwide. The song starts with a nice “So When I Scream” vocal and twisting melody that feels like Im being sucked into a time warp and then all of sudden I end up in another time zone and dimension at 39 seconds.

The rest of the song is just straight up ear candy and keeps you craving more of the filthy dubstep wobbles and drops Conspiracy Industries lays down, I guarantee you will click replay not once, but many times after the first time of hearing “When I Scream”.

Lately Conspiracy Industries has been targeting the Los Angeles music scene, with local collaborations and reaching out building new relationships in the community.

With his giant sound and his fast growing fan base worldwide Conspiracy Industries is definitely an upcoming producer to keep a eye on. I got a chance to talk to him about his wicked filthy dubstep music, “When I Scream” and more check it out below.

Conspiracy Industries Interview

Tell us about “When I Scream” How did you come up with this idea for this song?

So “When I Scream” has actually been kicking about on my hard drive for quite some time. 2017 has been a crazy year of writing for me and recently I had to sit back and plan what order to release my tracks in. I figured that this track would be the best to start with as it is a bit of an all rounder. Coming up with the idea was simple, I wanted a track that carried energy throughout and didn’t mess about when it came to the drop.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

Well, it all kind of started when I was in a band a while ago. I had been producing live instruments for a long time before but my band had been toying with the idea of incorporating electronic sounds into our set. So one day I went and bought a Korg Microkorg and spent a few months getting completely flustered with that. Once I realised I knew nothing about synths or how to use them, I then started to actually learn about how electronic music is created and engineered etc. I shortly after then discovered Ableton, I remember the day perfectly when I realised the power of what was at my fingertips if even only on a laptop, and from then I was completely hooked.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

I am a complete Ableton whore, no doubt. Truth be told I actually don’t use anything that isn’t obvious. I love Serum, I go way back with Massive and I will occasionally dust of good old Sylenth. It’s funny because I spent an absolute fortune on plug ins when I first started but now I pretty much use 90 percent of stock Ableton plug ins. Once you understand and know the basic principles of production it then makes all standard DAW plug ins very powerful.


What can we expect from you next year?

SO much music. This year I have been working with so many artists worldwide on some amazing collaborations. It has been fun traveling and working with these artists and as soon as I have released this mountain of music that I am currently sat on, I will start to put out these collaborations. 2018 will also see the start of a lot of live performances, I guess I have been stuck in writing mode for what seems an eternity now and after such a successful year writing, I am ready to start getting out there and playing it to people as loud as I can.


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