Convulsic – Love Space (Official Video)

Convulsic - Love Space (Official Music Video)


San Diego based Dubstep and EDM producer Convulsic Official Music Video for “Love Space” is definitely something to check out. Filmed in Hollywood, CA the music videos starts off by us taking a ride with Convulsic in an old school classic convertible.

As Convulsic journeys through the video he keeps seeing a Digital Vixen, Who he eventually picks up with the car. They drive into the city having a good time and make a stop at a store, Where the digital vixen (Kaja) begins kissing another female; infecting her and putting her into a state of ”digital hypnosis”. Watch the video below to find out more.

The chart topping single took over internet radio stations in the summer of 2014. Featuring catchy melodic’s and screaming baselines, it is no wonder this single elevated Convulsic to the ranks of’s #1 in Dubstep worldwide, and even earned the #8 spot on’s “Next Big Sound”.

Behind the scenes: What an awesome time we had filming this! The whole premise of the video was derived from my song ”Love Space”, and was an interpretation by One Push Productions. I basically let these guys take my musical ideas and write a visual story. The final product blew my mind! It follows a wild night of mine, where our good friend Kaja plays a digital vixen, who throughout the video is infecting people with her touch and pulling them into a state of ”digital hypnosis”. I really like to keep my music open for the listener to interpret how they wish, and One Push productions did an excellent job at keeping that element in the video for my song ”Love Space”


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