Toronto Police: ‘Cookin With Molly’ PSA

cookin with molly psa video


Toronto Police have responded with an EDM public service announcement video for electronic fans and ravers; ‘Cookin With Molly’ on the Toronto Crime Stoppers Youtube channel.

Toronto Police Respond With ‘Cookin With Molly’ PSA video

‘Cookin With Molly’ video

The public service announcement ‘Cookin With Molly’ urges the youth party drug users to be more vigilant about MDMA, Popularly known as Ecstasy or Molly.

Toronto Crime Stoppers Vice Chair Sean Sportun said,

We felt compelled to raise awareness about this issue to help make our communities safer. MDMA pills don’t come with a list of ingredients and since they can be cut with anything from LSD to caffeine, users can never be certain of what they are getting.


Detective Chris Scherk, A Crime Stoppers coordinator, said:

This is in response to the summer rave tragedy where two young adults lost their lives as a result of consuming an unknown narcotic pill they likely believed was ecstasy, which is an MDMA compound and goes by a number of street names, the most common being Molly. Molly isn’t made by a pharmaceutical company. It’s made in basements, garages and on the streets. We are hoping that this video will resonate with youths and adults. Truly, you don’t always know that what you are told is what you are given.


The ‘Cookin With Molly’ PSA campaign follows the death of two people at the Summer 2014 VELD Music Festival.


The video closes with

Molly is not the drug you think it is.


Meanwhile in the Netherlands, You can walk into a dance club and legally have your pills tested, To ensure your pill only contains MDMA. Deaths are very rare in the Netherlands. Is Canada and America behind on the drug laws?

THUMP asked an actual dealer to “separate the fact from fiction” in the video. His biggest dilemma?

The lab was too clean.

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