The Real Problem with EDM in 2017


What is the real problem with EDM in 2017?

I will tell you.

Maybe it’s not so much about EDM, and more about the EDM fans.

It’s ignorant electronic dance music fans.

Well it’s fine to be ignorant to EDM genres, just please dont start posting on social media about artists and the genres of music they produce if you dont even understand the genres yourself.

If you are an EDM fan and dont understand what genres are what, check out this page and start listening and learning. There is no reason to ask “can some one please explain all the EDM genres to me”?

There is also no need to start trolling the EDM scene and social media for attention.

Similar to the way this EDM Twitter fan tweeted Deadmau5 about how Deadmau5 produced trance music.

Just tried to listen to a @deadmau5 set… fucking boring, I hate trance????



….What happened to PLUR?

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect….

You know? Good vibes only?

You will notice when you click the picture the Twitter account is now private.

I thought this was very strange so i decided to send a message and inform the troll i made this article.

When i told her about this EDM news article she laughed at me, and PLUR.



Check it out below.

Maybe many of you laugh at PLUR but this use to be a very serious positive energy in the electronic dance music community.

Going back to the early 1990s.

Hell even before then.

And now in 2017, it seems this PLUR energy of positive vibes and loving another is fading fast.

Back to the Deadmau5 Producing Trance music topic…

There are many problems here, so let me dissect this….

First of all Deadmau5 is not a Trance producer.

Everyone knows this.

Never has been, probably never will be.

Deadmau5 has always made house music and progressive house.

Deadmau5 has only made one trance song ever, Intelstat, it was before he was famous as some little kid dweeb in his bedroom, you can listen to it here.

It is one of my top favorite electronic dance music songs ever.

It’s really good.

So next time you want to talk about something, please have all your information.

Take your un-informed EDM self and stay on the main stage.

Moral of the story?

Go PLUR or go home, and if you are not PLUR, then at least know what you are talking about!


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