Daft Punk Documentary Coming Dec 10, 2015

Daft Punk


From being one of the first electronic dance music artists/duo’s in the world, Daft Punk has come a long way, and also been an iconic pioneer not only with EDM and electronic music, but also huge success in the movie industry scoring films. So it’s no surprise to the Daft Punk documentary trailer becoming a movie.

Now news has finally come that the Daft Punk documentary will be playing live on Showtime 9pm EST December 10th, 2015.

‘Daft Punk Unchained’ is the movie title, and follows the life of the Daft Punk’s two and only members, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and Thomas Bangalter, all the way up to present day today.

The long anticipated Daft Punk documentary features appearances by Pharrell, Giorgio Moroder, Kanye West, Pete Tong, Nile Rodgers and many others.

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