Shamed Dancing Man Found Online, Moby Will DJ The party


Dancing Man Found is the latest viral news on the web, Especially in the EDM news community.

Ever since the internet gained huge popularity after the Y2K boom (year 2000) and on it created millions, billions of people to sit behind a keyboard and computer screen, hiding ones identity. With more and more people sitting behind a computer screen feeling anonymous on the internet people tend to say more hurtful things that they usually wouldn’t say in real life.

Anonymous internet message board 4chan is one of these places. After seeing this man below dancing in the club and taking a pic and uploading it to the 4chan message boards, The 4chan user wrote the caption:

Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.


A member of 4chan, On the friendly side felt so sick about it they took a screen shot of the post from 4chan message boards and posted it on Imgur. Mostly, people were disgusted that some stranger made this guy feel bad about dancing and having a good time in public.

Dancing Man Found Online! After Being Body Shamed for Dancing

Dancing Man Found Online! After Being Body Shamed for Dancing

This created a huge amount of buzz and hype, Including popular @CassandraRules who offered to have a private party with 1,727 “overly enthusiastic group of young women in California

The women started searching for the man.

There’s even a hashtag for Dancing Man Found, #FindDancingMan

And even a GoFundMe page, Which has created $36,302 as of today.

go fund me find dancing man dancing man found

Go Fund Me Find Dancing Man Party

Dancing Man Found

Through the power of the internet and kind hearten people, Dancing man has been found. This is a perfect example of how dance music is a form of expression and how it brings everyone togther. No one should ever be shamed, made fun of or feel bad for dancing and having a great time!

To top it off, When word got around to Moby, He announced he will be offering his DJ services free of charge for the event! Even Pharrell wanted to offer his services, and stay updated on the party.  

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