David Guetta Sued For $6 Million, Accused of Stealing His #1 Song


Andre Dudek is suing EDM superstar DJ David Guetta for the alleged illegal sampling of the song “Illuminations” from the 1980’s. The lawsuit also extends to Sam Martin and the record labels Warner Music and Atlantic Records. But the song “Illuminations” wasn’t copyrighted until 2015, and David Guetta’s song “Dangerous” was released in October 2014.

Being as David Guetta’s “Dangerous” topped out at #1 on Billboard Top 100 charts and was also used heavily by T-Mobile in advertisements, Dudek is seeking $6 Million. As well as filed an injunction on the record labels to stop more releases of the song.

Only time will tell how things will end. David Guetta has yet to respond.


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