David Guetta’s Manager Threatens Dr Kucho Over “Ghosts N DJs” EDM Video Game

ghosts n djs video game


Just like we were the first EDM News website to cover Dr Kuchos ‘Ghosts n DJs’ EDM video game, We are also the first to cover David Guettas manager sending Dr Kucho a sketchy private Facebook message threatening him in indirect ways.

We are now featuring an article about David Guetta’s Manager sending Dr Kucho a private message on Facebook


Dr Kucho posted the message from David Guettas Manager on his Facebook, David Guettas Manager seems to be asking Dr Kucho to discontinue the video game in offer to play a show at a big UN show in 3 weeks? Wtf? Ok.

i have received this message from David Gueta’s Manager, regarding my video game on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drkucho/ghostsn-djs-edm-retro-arcade-lampoon , i am not sure what does she mean, not sure it is my english, her english, Spanglish and Frenchglish misunderstanding… or she is being cryptic on purpose for some reason …….? what do you think guys? is she buying my silence and or threatening me with lawyers? she would not do that right? its a comedy game that uses fiction characters , why would she try to stop the game?

oh! by the way , after this message kickstarter advised me that they received a copyright claim from ultra music festival , regarding some footage on the trailer video , so watch it again if you liked, cause i will have to change it tomorrow.

some days are just weird, these two things does not need to be connected … right?

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