DayTrip Music Festival 2015

DayTrip chicago music festival


Hosted in Chicago, Illinois, The DayTrip Music Festival is all about offering a unique and wide range of activities for fans to do while they listen to the best underground electronic music.

Offering some of the most affordable ticket prices for an EDM festival, DayTrip wants everyone to have fun, and for a price that wont break the bank. Early bird specials started at $10 but are now all sold out, General admission is only $25 for 1 day.

Some of the activities they offer are a skate park, ball pit, a snow party, a paint party, (Get covered in 10,000 gallons of paint while raving with the best underground electronic DJs.) a foam party, and a Drum Crane Tower, The Drum crane tower is where DJs will play on a 30 foot tall platform that rotates 360 degrees. Cool huh?

DayTrip is an electronic festival that is truly known for being an underground electronic music festival and playground. DayTrip Music Festival occurs on four consecutive Sunday’s.

  • Sunday, May 24th 2015
  • Sunday, May 31st 2015
  • Sunday, June 7th 2015
  • Sunday, June 14th 2015

DayTrip 2015 music festival will have 3 stages.

  1. The outdoor stage – is a 20ft long shipping container covered with murals from some of the most talented street artists.
  2. The main room stage – is a 30ft rotating drum tower.
  3. The cool room stage – is an intimately colored platform that sets the perfect environment.

But what about VIP?

For the trust fund babies, or just the people who worked their ass off to spend every dollar on an electronic music festival, DayTrip has some news for you, Keep your money and save it. Their website says the following about VIP.

F*ck VIP. Everyone should have equal access to every aspect of the festival. We’re tired of watching sectioned off a**holes sitting in air-conditioned tents getting a pedicure.

DayTrip Music Festival


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