Deadmau5 Calls Justin Bieber a ‘Meat Puppet,’ And Blasts Skrillex

Deadmau5 First Studio Ever, Really!


The latest in EDM newsDeadmau5 goes off on Justin Bieber in a video on Justin Bieber taking artistic credit for his new album ‘Purpose is bull sh*t.’

Good point.

Especially since Justin Bieber has most likely never touched a DAW in his life. Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Purpose’ is all electronic dance music, house, and trap. Justin Biebers previous albums were all pop music.

Deadmau5 only gives Justin Bieber album credit for singing ‘a pitch on 2 syllables’.

Deadmau5 explains how he is so upset that Just Bieber was essentially just handed a pre made EDM album with hit songs produced by other Top EDM DJs and producers. (Diplo, Skrillex, (Jack U), Blood Diamonds, MdL, The Audibles, Poo Bear and more)

Deadmau5 also throws some shade at Zac Efron and Kim Kardashian West in this new video.

Deadmau5 has clarified his position on his EDM feud with Skrillex. It’s actually all directed at Justin Bieber.

Electronic dance music producer and performer (real name Joel Zimmerman) has shared a confessional on his YouTube channel which is part peace-offering for his old buddy Sonny Moore, and part verbal smackdown for Bieber. They’re unequal parts.

Deadmau5 swears like a sailor (and smokes like one too) in the new video, which boils down to a mega-blast at Bieber, who he describes as a “meat puppet” and a chancer who jumped into this

shit hot f—ing scene


I can accept that his album is probably good, I have no qualms with that, I know decent production when I hear it


Deadmau5 says.

“That’s not what I’m mad about. What I’m mad about is that none of it is this little f—ing dickhead’s. You get what I’m saying? ‘This is my album’. No it’s not your f—ing album, its Skrilllex’ f—ing album, its f—ing god knows who’s album.”


Deadmau5 also drops the big “I” into the mix: Integrity.

“It’s not that I hate Skrillex, and I hate the shit he does…I hate that he allowed himself to be a goddamn tool for someone else,”


The mau5 adds.

“But I can’t be too much of an ass about it…he likes to do it, he’s a f—ing little hippy and loves working with people, and that’s his thing. I can respect that.”


Hit the rewind button. Deadmau5 and Skrillex were once good friends and colleagues. But things hit the skids when Deadmau5 mocked Skrillex for his collaboration with Diplo and Bieber on “Where Are U Now”.

Their relationship went further south in August when the Skrillex told a radio show his old friend and mentor was an “asshole” with a negative attitude that needed adjustment. It all turned a touch mean at Halloween when Skrillex posted a string of harsh tweets.

In the latest addition to the war-of-words, Deadmau5 notes: “It’s not that I have a problem with dubstep, or Skrillex, or those guys that do things,” he reveals. “I have a problem that they enable themselves and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of… bullshit. Who aspires to be a part of bullshit?”

Justin Bieber hasn’t responded. Yet.

Watch the video below.


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