Kanye West Caught Searching Pirate Bay to Illegally Download..


The latest in EDM news and feuds, Deadmau5 has called out rapper Kanye West for Torrenting his electronic dance music VST plugin synthesizer software “SERUM”.

With all the talk about Kanye West news that we pass on, This is some Deadmau5 and Kayne news we couldn’t ignore.

Kanye West uploaded a screen shot from a Mac computer of someone on Youtube listening to a Sufjan Stevens Youtube music video. Whats wrong with this you might ask? Well it’s the open browser tabs in plain view that have created so much controversy.

Deadmau5 was quick to act and call out the mid life crisis rapper Kanye West for searching Pirate Bay to Illegally download VSTs, specifically the SERUM VST made by Deadmau5 and Steve Duda.

Some sources say the computer is not Kanye’s computer screen, and is a computer screen in the studio. Even so if this is true, Kanye is condoning the behavior by using and working with people who pirate software.


Kayne West Torrents VST software SERUM

Deadmau5 was quick to reply with:

What the fuck … Can’t afford serum? Dick.


deadmau5 calls out Kayne West for Torrenting his electronic dance music VST plugin synthesizer software SERUM

After the electronic musician accused West of pirating synthesizer software Serum, the rapper fired back on Twitter. But what makes things look even worse for West is how he lashes out in anger at Deadmau5. Even though Kanye was the one searching Pirate Bay to Illegally download the Serum VST for free. It’s only $189.00. But if you are $53 Million in debt i suppose you need to save every penny? It makes me wonder.. Can Kanye West even afford his own clothing line now?

Whats funnier is that Kayne West was also searching the “50 best VST/AU plugin synths”. It starting to look like that $53 Million dollar debt is catching up to him very quickly.

kayne west steals SERUM vst

kayne west calls out deadmau5

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