Deadmau5 Documentary (Part 2)

Deadmau5 Documentary (Part 2 MTV Cribs)


One of the worlds Top famous electronic/EDM producers is back to his toys. Earlier we posted a news article on a New Deadmau5 documentary, Which wasnt really a documentary, It was more about Deadmau5 driving the Gumball 3,000 race around the world in the Purrari. Now get ready for a real Deadmau5 documentary, MTV cribs style. Well less about the mau5 mansions and more about the new deadmau5 toys he is playing with now.

Deadmau5 takes us on a tour of his new Mau5 mansion house in the middle of the woods. The Verge got a chance to send a few authors and film crew to his house to chill with him and play around with a bunch of expensive toys, Likes Drones, super sports cars and ATV’s. The Verge team got to test out some of the new “toys” Joel recently bought and to preview a new flying drone model, the Inspire One.Deadmau5 and friends spend the afternoon testing out the new Inspire One drone and riding ATVs, Driving super sports cars, Deadmau5 has become one of the biggest names in entertainment to use these kinds of products and with the recent explosion in popularity, he is the one man for the proper review.

Check out the interview below:

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