Deadmau5 Pledges $1,000 to Dr Kucho’s Ghosts N DJs Game



Deadmau5 or better known on his Kick starter account  as Joel ZImmerman pledged $1,000 to Dr Kucho’s fake dj game, GHOSTS’N DJs.

Dr. Kucho has released a detailed news kickstarter draft of his new video game ‘Ghosts’n DJs”. Ghosts’n DJs an EDM arcade game that mocks famous DJs.


When Deadmau5 sees Ghosts N DJs the game he says

“holy fuck”



deadmau5 pledges 1,000 to ghost n djs game

Deadmau5 pledges $1,000 to Ghosts N DJs

The story of Dr. Kucho!, a real DJ and music producer who fights against fake artists that became stars because of their money. A game inspired on Ghosts’n Goblins, keeping the retro style but fighting the monsters of today.

The Dr Kucho Ghosts N DJs game is inspired on Ghosts’n Goblins the side scroller.You are Dr. Kucho!, DJ and producer since 1993. You are on a crusade to destroy the hordes of fake DJ’s taking over the world by dominating the music scene from the top positions, not because of their musical talent but because of a magical power they brought from Averno. This evil power is called money.

(to be continued)

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