Deadmau5 Tells SFX Entertainment: “I’ll throw you 14 million..”

Deadmau5 First Studio Ever, Really!


There’s no denying that SFX Entertainment owns many of the worlds biggest EDM festivals and more.

SFX Entertainment has embedded itself into the EDM industry by buying out many smaller EDM festivals years ago, and making them more popular, But lately SFX Entertainment hasnt been doing great.

So Deadmau5 has come out the woodwork with some new exciting EDM news.

Deadmau5 has offered Robert F Sillerman the CEO of SFX Entertainment with: $14,000,000.00 for “whatever’s left”.

Which might be considered a low offer by many. But if your company is going near bankrupt, and have no other options, it might be something to consider.

Whether or not Robert Sillerman accepts the Deadmau5 offer, we will have to wait and see.

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