Deadmau5 Trolls Trance



Fresh after Trolling the Trance scene on Twitter with Armin van Buuren and Binary Finary,

Deadmau5 turned his attention to “ghost producing some minimal for a made up guy called testpilot”

On July 16th Deadmau5 took to Twitter saying

“This should be illegal…all this need is some nexus presets and its beatport ready. brb,”

Joel, Returning six hours later to proclaim,

“4 vengance samples, 4 nexus presets, brickwall limiter and 30mins of “work” beatport here i come!”

The parody track, which Zimmerman has titled variously “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” or “Carbon Cookie,” is available for free download on

Thanks to InTheMix they re uploaded a copy on their soundcloud.



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