Deadmau5 vs Redfoo

deadmau5 vs redfoo


Redfoo released an EDM song and video that was roundly viewed by most of the world as the #1 Worst EDM Song for 2014 of the year.

Before this article was written, We didn’t even know who Redfoo was. Wait we did. We just forgot about him.

The new song by Redfoo and Lil Jon “Literally I Can’t” is based on Redfoo and Lil Jon using alcohol to coerce a group of sorority girls into loosening up and then shouting at them to “shut the fuck up” when they protest.

While poor old Redfoo protested on Twitter that people were misinterpreting his art. The video itself now comes with a disclaimer:

The following is a satirical video based on Sororities/Fraternities and the cliche “Literally I Can’t”. This content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.

Directed By: Mickey Finnegan
Written By: Redfoo & Kelly Covell
Produced By: Jenn Khoe
Edited By: Anthony Chirco
Choreographed By: Hokuto “Hok” Konishi


The last time we heard about Redfoo doing anything somewhat important was 2011 with the most likely ghost produced single; LMFAO – “Sexy and I Know It”

Like its not bad enough Paris Hilton received a DJ award, Now we have trust fund babies like Stefan Gordy or “Redfoo”, and many other fake DJs who degrade the talent and art in EDM music by releasing mind numbing noises and retarded drops. Redfoo is the youngest son of legendary Motown Record Company founder Berry Gordy, Jr.

The latest in EDM DJ feuds continues;


It didnt take Deadmau5 long to come out his Brand new $10 Million dollar mansion to shed some light on the topic while also putting Redfoo in his place for objectifying women in his video and flooding the EDM scene with shit music.






Redfoo thought it would be “cool” or “funny” to try and Poke fun at the Deadmau5 name? …What are you like, 6 bro? Or just trying to divert attention away from yourself like a 4 year old?  











Well said.



Bitcrusher? lol.  





Very true.  


But at least his music sounds good….




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