Deorro: “1 Food Token. Are you serious”



Friday July 18th 2014 Deorro took to Twitter mentioning how he had only received ‘1 food token’ for his upcoming gig at Tomorrowland.

About two hours later he got a response from


Supposedly Deorro’s feud was over seeing other artists ‘get 9 tokens’ while he only ‘got 1’. Fair? Of course not.. But when is life ever fair?

The Bigger Picture

Considering that there are kids starving in Africa, while Deorro only gets ‘1 food token’ for playing at one of the largest dance music festivals in the world, We really dont think he has it THAT bad. Deorro was Bashing Tomorrowland for being greedy, and told everyone he cancelled his set.


Yet he is still playing at Tomorrowland. (UPDATE: He did play his set)

Seems like Deorro was trying to make a change in the world.

Hey Deorro, if you want to make a change in the world you can start by adding these all around Africa.

You know, where there are no ‘free food tokens’

He then goes on to try and justify what he said.

Does he really think he is the only one starving in the world?

There are people all over this world in countries who starve, and have never even got ‘1 food token’, let alone know what one is.

Maybe you should just be happy with 1 next time? Because in the end, your still playing at Tomorrowland and taking the ‘greedy Tomorrowland’ money.

Next time, Contact us Deorro… We will DJ a whole set at Tomorroland for only ‘1 food token’.

But in the end nothing tops it all off better than this.

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