Is Diplo an Asshole?

diplo some one should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty


Yes, you could probably say Diplo is an asshole.

The latest in EDM news and artist feuds, Diplo tweeted about a Kickstarter campaign to get Taylor Swift a booty and then tweeted a link to a Fundly campaign that was started by someone else to raise the money.

Some one should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty



diplo - get taylor swift a booty

“get taylor swift a booty” -Diplo

Update: The fundly project failed to reach it’s goal of $3,500, With a total funding of only $95.00.

Brice Sopher put it best in his blog article on Do Androids Dance:

If he had said he hated her music or her videos, that would have been fine. He would be judging her on the basis of her work. This would show an engagement with her as an artist. By just talking about her body he reduces her to an object, to be judged on the superficial qualities of her appearance alone. By supporting this stupid Fundly campaign, he reinforces the EDM world as a boys’ club where women are there to be rated by the men. They are a decoration or a backdrop to a video.

There are so many great creative women working in electronic music right now, but they are still an infinitesimal minority compared to the men in the scene. I wonder how many aspiring female artists second guess taking the plunge because their appearance will be judged. Think about it: male DJs or producers can have an entire career without their appearance coming up at all. With women it is not a matter of “if” but “when.” It’s bound to be a thing at some point.

As a man who works in this industry, it makes me furious because it just confirms women’s worst suspicions about the mentality of most men. I don’t know how women put up with us, to be honest. We spend our time judging women on their appearance above all else, but then when the market floods the industry with these “sexy” female DJs who have no real talent we get all up in arms about how fake they are. It means that females entering the industry have to constantly second guess themselves or be second guessed. It would be enough to make me give up.

I wonder how many ugly, overweight or scrawny men are retweeting Diplo’s tweet and sharing the campaign. How nice it must be for them to be able to pursue their dreams without having to worry if they will be bodyshamed.

I’m mainly mad at this because I’ve had to defend Taylor Swift, whose music I don’t even like. She could look any which way and I still wouldn’t like it. The world is a weird place sometimes.

PS To the guy who created this Fundly, tweeting major music outlets with your chauvinistic campaign might not be recommended unless your goal is to look like an asshole:


SPIV Fundly “Get Taylor Swift A Booty”

Brice Sopher


Honestly, i never liked Diplo’s music. And after reading Do Android Dance author Brice Sophers perspective on it, it just made writing this article acceptable in so many ways.

Pop artist Lorde replied on her Twitter with “should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm”

lorde should we do something about your tiny penis while were at it

“should we do something about your tiny penis while were at it” -Lorde


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