Disney Makes Their Own LED Mouse Head

Deadmau5 First Studio Ever, Really!


The Deadmau5 vs Disney feud legally ended last year. But its seems the research and development team at Disney didnt get the memo, Or could careless.

Disney has recently authorized production for a Polish design company called PanGenerator to create an LED mouse head.

Called the MICKEY PHON this terrifying future looking mouse head is also a friendly musical instrument.

MICKEY PHON deadmau5 style LED mouse head

MICKEY PHON is a musical instrument that will play back sounds it hears in a musical way.

The MICKEY PHON is a kinetic sculpture that listens to the environment around it and responds by turning those sounds into music.

Not only is this just a regular mouse head, this mouse head reacts to sounds and will turn and face the direction the sounds came from. The mouse head will also react and playback the sounds it heard creating them into a enjoyable sound and even making harmony out of it.

Is this Disney’s way of slowly stepping into the electronic dance music world? You can be assured Deadmau5 will be wondering the same along with the rest of us.


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