DJ Rory Wood Releases New 3 Song EP “Poolside” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


DJ Rory Wood has just released his amazing new 3 song EP.

Wood, who is currently better know for his amazing DJing and explosive sets, is still yet to make an impression on the electronic dance music scene as a producer. But thats all about to change.

From DJ’ing Venus in Leeds, Ibiza, Cumbria and Bali, Indonesia Wood really knows how to throw a party anywhere in the world.

DJ Rory – With Me

(Track 1/3 (With Me) On ‘Poolside’ EP)

His first release “Usher- Crash (Rory Wood REMIX)” was a smash hit for Rory as it propelled him from 0 plays, to almost 200,000 in a few months. His new 3 track EP “Poolside” really draws from those old-school disco vibes, whilst maintaining a thumping house beat.

Rory’s music is best suited for a pool party and you can really hear those groovy summer vibes in each one of his tracks.

The dance music scene is very scarce in the vast country side of The Lake District, But Rory manages to maintain a healthy amount of Djing in the local clubs.

2017 is set to be a promising and exciting year for Rory as a producer, and what better way to start the year than with a 3 track EP FOR FREE!

DJ Rory – Interview

Your new EP is incredible, where did you get inspired to make this?

Yeah so before i start each track i have to visualise where i see them being played. As you can tell by the title i wanted each track to played at pool parties or anything of that similar vibe. I Recently just got back from Djing Pool Parties in Indonesia for about 3 weeks and i also really wanted my own tracks to playout, but they each had to be groovy enough to keep the party going whilst not being too in your face.Purple Disco Machine, Al Green, Jim Jules and Ocean beach ibiza where the main inspirations behind each track i created, if you could combine all of those 4 elements then thats what my EP is.


Tell us about “With me. How did you come up with this idea? Was it inspiration? Playing around? Or something else?

The idea all started from those 4 piano chords you hear throughout the track. i was just goofing around on the piano when i first made them which is odd for me as i normally start from a sample and branch outwards. After that i was really loving the baseline from “Axwell- Feel the Vibe” and i wanted to have a bassline similar to that which just cuts through the mix and really gets your head grooving. Finally i knew it needed a vocal so i took 6 different vocal samples, Some male some female and 1 was sampled from a live interview, i then chopped them all up and applied effects on them to blend them into 1 vocal.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I only started producing music about 4 years ago because i wanted more than just DJing and playing records, Its kind of funny because i only started DJing because my brother always played better songs than i did, so i always tried so hard to find better tracks until i just got completely hooked and can’t stop haha


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

My favorite plugin at the moment is Kontakt 5 with the Rickerbee bass guitars installed within it. WOW! there are so many good sounds within it and i use it in almost all my productions now. My 2nd favorite plugin has to be Valhalla Vintage Reverb, the way i can manipulate sounds using it really adds new textures to each piece of my music i add to my projects.


What can we expect from you in 2017?

In 2017 you can hopefully see me starting to develop a strong artist profile with some great releases. This first EP was released completely free through my friends record label “Unicus” and i love things like that, But ultimately i want to grab the attention of the bigger labels for future releases too so Unicus has been a great place from to start.


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