DJs This Is Why You Should Never Piss Off The Lights Tech [Video]


EDM news has been so serious lately with the major record labels bullying Soundcloud and Spotify, Why so serious EDM industry? It’s time to lighten the news up a bit with some EDM comedy.

Lights are a simple, yet very effective way to emphasize certain parts of a DJs set. For example lights moving slow and calm on the break of a song, then on a build up/drop the lights go crazy;  Erm, well at least for DJs who dont piss off the club’s lighting technician and crew before their set for the night.

Watch below this hilarious video of a DJ who got his lights shut off right at the climax of his set; He then begins flailing his little arms around on stage, enthusiastically pumping, unaware his set looks very weak, and boring.

Should he have been nicer?


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