Dr Dre, Suge Knight, 2 Pac, Ice Cube, Michel’le & More In New Movie


We have all seen the movie Straight Outta Compton, but what about Surviving Compton?

Surviving Compton is a new movie about Michel’le (pronounced Michelle-A) and her first hand experience with boyfriend Dr. Dre, and later Suge Knight.

The movie also has Easy-E, 2 Pac, and Ice Cube in the early NWA Days and late 1990’s, and its really good!

If you are a hip hop fan of any of these artists you will appreciate this early hip hop movie, unless you are a super huge Dre fan, as the movie portrays him as a highly abusive woman beater, and psychopath. The movie shows Dre abusing Michel’le many times, on music video sets, at their home, and in the recording studio. Many witnessed this abuse accoridng to the movie, but few spoke up about it or did anything at the time.. except for two people, Easy-E and NWA’s manager Jerry Heller. Both Easy-E and Jerry Heller were outspoken and against the Dr Dre abuse on Michel’le.

Michel’le herself actually enters into the movie explaining things as it happens with the re enactment of all characters, and might I say the cast selected to act for each character is really on point, and very convincing. I felt as if i was watching each of the real life characters! Not only do they act just like the real life personas but they also look very similar to the real characters. Especially with Suge, 2 Pac, and Ice Cube.

Surviving Compton shows how NWA as a former group as they begin to tour and becoming famous. In their rise to fame Dre has a relationship with Michel’le, and she soon becomes a very important singer to the group. Dre becomes jelous, neglects her, and is never around, even forgetting to pay the electricity bill. As this happens Michel’le begins to realize Dre is not who she wants and she begins to fall in love with Suge, the man she use to call a ‘thug’ and use to scare her. She says in the movie she liked him because he was something new, and nice. Suge was nice, for the most part.. nicer than Dre lets put it that way. When Suge goes to Jail for violation of parole, Michel’le was left running Death Row Records, getting paid $30,000 a month.

TMZ / Forbes

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