Stop Saying EDM Music, EDM Means Electronic Dance Music


Today many people like to believe that they are the ultimate knowledge keeper for electronic dance music, this is not the case.

It gets very tiring seeing people online arguing over what EDM means, What is EDM, and how EDM started. For such a short word, it’s funny to see it can create so much hype. Below is the ultimate and complete mini guide to understanding EDM. Dont get lost, its rather long. So..

What Does EDM mean?

EDM Means Electronic Dance Music.

Electronic Dance Music.

Not EDM Music.

What Does EDM music mean?

EDM music is the same thing as saying electronic dance music music, it just doesn’t make any sense. please dont call EDM EDM music.


A song has cool wobbles and a half time drum kick-snare? Cool, Its most likely dubstep, figure out the genre (type of EDM) and call it that.

We operate under the domain only because it is much simpler to remember than a longer alternative, like

There are at least 15 genres of electronic dance music. There are at least 15 different types of electronic dance music genres. If you listen to electronic dance music, you should be familiar with most of these, if not all.

  1. Chill out
  2. Deep House
  3. Drum & Bass
  4. Dubstep
  5. Electro
  6. Glitch
  7. Hardstyle
  8. House
  9. Minimal
  10. Progressive House
  11. Techno
  12. Tech house
  13. Trance
  14. Trap
  15. Tropical House

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