EDM Ranks 2.0 is Here – Promote Your EDM Songs On The Homepage, Pin, and Reshare


As of March 21, 2019 EDM Ranks has been upgraded from 1.9 to the new version of EDM Ranks 2.0.

The new version of EDM Ranks 2.0 is one of the best yet, and includes the option for the best edm promotion, promoting your songs on the EDMRanks.com homepage for 3 days!

EDM Ranks 2.0 new features includes: a pin button, reshare button to name the least and more. Another new feature is the gold promote song button, This gives the option for edm djs and producers to promote their songs on the EDMRanks.com homepage for 3 days.

EDM producers, djs, and artists can now promote edm songs on the EDM Ranks homepage for 3 days with the Gold ‘promote’ button. Just find your uploaded song, and click the gold promote button.

New features of EDM ranks 2.0 also includes a pin button to pin the most important features to the top of your profile, (Pro members only) and also a reshare button for all users to reshare other users songs or status updates.

1 – Pin Button – Pin posts to the top of your profile forever (Requires a pro account)

2 – Reshare Button – Reshare other users posts and songs!

3 – Promote Button – Promote your edm songs on the Homepage for even more exposure! (Requires 10 credits)

Read more about EDM Ranks promotions here.

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