EDM Ranks 2015 Top 100 Winner Releases Debut Album


Each year you select a Top 100 EDM artist or DJ by voting and following your favorite DJs, producers, and artists.

Every year on December 31st EDM Ranks totals the EDM votes up and announces the Top 100 EDM Artist you voted for. In 2015 Phoenix Keyz took home the #1 EDM artist crown.

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After a victorious rise in the EDM charts in 2015 Phoenix Keyz is ready to take on 2016 with his new debut album full of dance floor banger’s, smooth melting melodies, and awesome vocal songs that are sure to take you away into a state of bliss.

EDM Ranks Top 100 Winner of 2015 Phoenix Keyz will be releasing his debut album “When We Were Young” in the coming weeks.

We sat down with Phoenix Keyz to see what he had to say about his new debut electronic dance music album.

What was your message in this album?

The title of my album is personal to me in the sense that it’s a dedication to my childhood, my family and friends when growing up and now. I wanted the title to evoke the same thoughts, emotions and memories that are personal to each person that listens to the album. Childhood should feel carefree and timeless, and I think that’s a feeling hard to get back as an adult unless we get lost in music.


How many songs are on the album?

The album has 14 tracks. It was a hard decision to pick the final 14 as I initially had 18, but had to get the final number down. Hopefully the other 4 will surface in the future.


What genres does this album consist of?

The album actually consists of a few different genres because I enjoy so many different styles of electronic dance music and I don’t want to be pigeon holed. I make what comes from within and that resulted in a mix of progressive house, future, big room house, tropical house and even moombahton/trap.


Which platforms will it be available on?

The album will be available online from Monday 29th Feb from iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, Rhapsody and more so please go get it, support and hopefully enjoy!


Ending 2015 with almost 1 million plays on his Soundcloud and over a quarter of a million views on his YouTube channel, Phoenix went on to win the top EDM artist/DJ crown in the EDM Ranks Top 100 DJ/artist voting of 2015.

Phoenix has spent the past 2 years working on his debut album ‘When We Were Young’ featuring a selection of talented singers and songwriters from around the world. Its due for a February 29th 2016 release through Island Records.

Album Track list

1. Awaken (Intro)
2. We Are Here Tonight Ft. Thom Van Doorn
3. Wild The Fvck Out
4. Old School Love RMX Ft. Emily Marques
5. Here To Move
6. Do You Remember Ft. Ariette Florence
7. Meteorite Ft. Lokka
8. Kill It Ft. Alexx Frisby
9. Out Tonight Ft. Xavier Vasquez
10. Everything Ft. Thom Van Doorn
11. Veni Vidi Vici
12. When We Were Young Ft. Emily Marques
13. Get Dirty
14. Hxmies

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