EDM Ranks v2.5


We have had many upgrades and improvements since the last EDM Ranks v2.0.

Welcome back to the worlds best EDM platform and EDM Charts, Plenty has changed on EDM Ranks since our first version in EDM Ranks v1.0 of being just any other generic EDM news website to a completely unique EDM social network connecting the worlds best DJs, underground DJs and fans on one platform with the worlds best EDM charts ranker in EDM Ranks v1.5 / EDM Ranks v2.0.

EDM Ranks v2.5 Release Notes

  • Premium Memberships
  • Protect ‘groups’ and ‘EDM Stream’ pages
  • Gold avatar for premium members
  • Fixed HTML tags on individual profiles from links to plain text
  • Fix user profile links to open in new tab.
  • DJ¬†Activity / Reward Points have been removed


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