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We are the worlds first electronic dance music social network. With a free profile you can share music from your Youtube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud, vote on songs, private message other members and much more!

The EDM Network

EDM Ranks is an EDM social network for any electronic music enthusiast who shares one common interest. EDM.

People are developing immense interest in electronic dance music genres through various platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube.

Our EDM network allows you to vote on worldwide EDM talent and bring a new way in exploring trends and music people love from cross platform websites like Youtube, Soundcloud.

Why Create A Free Profile?

As electronic dance music started to grow and became popular, A single platform was needed to help cater the fans of electronic dance music.

We give EDM artists, DJs, and producers a better chance at being recognized. And a community for fans to conglomerate and vote on the unanimous best EDM DJs and producers. Every user can vote so your voice will be heard.

EDM Fans

Discover the latest electronic music daily, or share your own favorite songs with from Youtube, Mixcloud or Soundcloud. Share music and even discuss and comment on it with your online friends. Share music from multiple social networks like Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and more all on EDM Ranks.

Producers & DJs

We give musicians, artists and producers a safe place to hold and share all their online portfolio in one simple spot.

By consolidating all your musician information into one spot, you can easily advertise your individual artist/DJ profile to the world, including your EDM Rank.

Promote Your Own Music

Begin promoting your songs and profile to rank in the Top 100 EDM charts.

Make it to the top 100 page and you will most liekly find yourself getting more plays, followers, gigs, and more record label offers.


EDM Charts

Our Top 100 EDM charts list is automatically uploaded in real time, every time a user votes. We hope you will be able to discover new electronic dance music for you to listen to.

Our EDM Charts have changed entire EDM industry with true authentic EDM Ranking charts so now anyone can vote for upcoming and underground EDM DJs and producers. The EDM Ranks platform allows new and underground singers, DJs, Artists and producers to share the electronic music at a very low budget with the world.

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