Esquadra Releases Fresh Minimal Mix


If you like Richie Hawtin, or Deadmau5, chances are you will love Esquadra. These two minimal DJs never disappoint.

Their mixing skills are elite, and their song selections are delicious.

With sets that are just as intricate as a Deadmau5 set everyone should watch out for this minimal duo as they have a big career ahead of them and much more amazing techno and minimal music to share with the world.

From producing banging minimal music and original electronic dance music throughout the world these two dance music masterminds always pack a new punch and surprise with every new club they DJ, minimal dance mix they release or minimal song.

If you likeĀ Esquadra and want to support these two minimal masterminds create a free profile and Follow Esquadra.

Check out the super groovy mix above, Esquadra knows how to keep the dance floor moving and alive.

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