Famous DJs Please Stick to Music Instead of Preaching Political Hate


Reading lots of these mainstream EDM news blogs, and they all just regurgitate the same shit…

Does anyone in this industry not suck the dick of the major artists and DJs?

Are we really the only independent EDM website left?

Because it really seems so when i read EDM news online and all the websites talk about the same topics.

Like the same mainstream Top 100 “DJs”, who dont even produce their own music but seem to still be the best EDM artists/producers and DJs?

Laugh Out Loud.

Check the real Top 100 DJs List here. These DJs can actually DJ, they dont use pre recorded sets, and they also make their own music. Not paying Ghost producers like many famous DJs do these days.

Does anyone talk about ghost producers these days? nope only us.

Another popular thing to do in 2017 is its now cool to hate on Donald Trump.




But what the fuck does that have to do with me coming to hear good electronic dance music?

Myself and my entourage came for the music….so, where is the good music?

Political DJs, here is a message for you, when you decide to quit shouting political hate and speeches obnoxiously over the microphone and on Twitter then maybe i will come see your show again.

Because, what better way to divide people than to tell them what to think right?

Hey MAK J. or MAK K, what ever your name is, If i wanted to talk politics i will turn on Fox News or CNN, i really dont want to hear you ruin my buzz from the 5 tiny 3 ounce beers i just drank and paid 10$ each for, all because “you feel you need to say something”.

I also just paid about $500 for my overpriced ticket to hear some great EDM songs and DJ sets, not to hear you shout obnoxiously over the EDM microphone about American politics.

Remember? I came here for the music? For you to DJ and play nice music remember?

I am here for a good time, and good music.

Out of all the EDM festivals i have been too, i have never seen a more divisive DJ in my life.

Id rather see you go donate the money and help a charity that you support, instead of trying to preach to me about what is best for me.

Because, talk is cheap, you know?

By the way, Zedd you also look dumb as fuck saying you will move out of America if Donald Trump wins, and you are still here.


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