Fatboy Slim’s DJ Secrets: “Always be 20 percent more wasted than your crowd”



“It’s one of the basic rules of DJing. Always make sure you’re 20 percent more drunk than your crowd. Or you can be 20 percent more high than your crowd, Or just having 20 per cent more fun than your crowd. You have to lead by example.”

-DJ Fatboy Slim

Said Fatboy Slim, AKA Norman Cook at the Ibiza IMS conference. The annual IMS conference is the industry gathering timed around the island’s major opening parties, where Cook is helping mentor 18 aspiring DJs who are part of the Burn Residency program. An integral part of the conference, which sees new up and coming talent trained by an elite cast of DJ talent, with the reward being 3/18 chosen for a residency across the season.

“It’s ironic me saying this, because I actually gave up drinking three years ago. But for the majority of my DJ career, I felt that I had to be very much ‘in the party’.”

Cook joins an elite cast of varied DJs that also includes Solomun, Steve Lawler, Avicii and Maceo Plex;

They all have their own unique of skills to the table, with one of Cook’s trademarks being his sense of fun, and connection with the crowd.

dj fat boy slim

Fat Boy Slim

He also emphasises the importance of making good eye contact with the sea of people in front of you.

“Some DJs spend the whole evening completely focused on the decks, which might be great for what they’re doing technically, but if you’re not actually making eye contact with your audience, you can’t judge whether they’re going for it or not.”

“And there is a certain look that you get that says, yeah, I’m really enjoying this. Otherwise you might get a look that says, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’”

Cook said he emphasised an irreverent approach in order to get the point across to the DJs in training.

“It’s not just about sitting in your bedroom and doing this really clever mix, it’s also about entertaining people. It’s not such a difficult principle to latch onto.”

Fatboy Slim debuted his new audio-visual show recently since last year.

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