Fikds_ID Releases “Dream Pray Action”: From Classical Guitarist to Techno


These days, technology has made it easy for anyone to grab a laptop and begin producing music. So it’s always cool to see EDM producers who are also classically trained musicians. That’s the case with Fiks_ID who has just released “Dream Pray Action”.

Fikds_ID – “Dream Pray Action”

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The Jakarta-based producer lays down the beat right out of the gates that builds into an anthemic, hands-in-the-air chorus. “Dream Pray Action” is an uplifting techno track that starts out as strongly as it ends and keeps it up all the way through.

Fiks_ID began his musical journey as a fan of grunge and garage rock. He began studying classical guitar before continuing his education in non-classical styles like jazz, pop, rock, and blues before moving on to producing electronic dance music.

Fiks_ID is as well versed in music as he is thoughtful about his craft. Find out what inspires his style in our EXCLUSIVE interview with Fiks_ID, only at EDM RANKS:

Fikds_ID Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Tell us about “Dream Pray Action”. How did you come up with the idea for this track?

The idea in this song is correlated with the title, meaning every human being in the course of his life must have had dreams they wish to be realized; having the dream is why we must have ways to achieve the dream. Surely the way to reach the dream is not as easy as imagined; therefore, we as humans should be a guide of what the world has, by praying to easily get that desire.


What inspires you when creating music?

My inspiration in music could be from anywhere. When I explore the natural beauty of Indonesia—mountains, forests, oceans, and others—is one of them. Another inspiration, for example, is when we fall in love with a woman and we want to live with her: that is also able to produce easy listening melodies. Many things in life can be used as a positive inspiration in making music. For example, while we idolize leaders or heads of state, read a book, idolize a famous product/brand, and even the artist or musician/DJ with good musical taste will surely be an inspiration to me. In the creative arts, in addition to a cool taste in music, we should have more imagination. Therefore, standing on the shoulders of the giants of the world, surely you can look at a wider perspective of the arts, business, politics and more.


How did you begin producing EDM?

My creative process, in general, in creating EDM is always lateral. Sometimes with the idea of the tone of the drop or chorus first, or the verse, or parts of other songs. In addition to the structure of a song, sound is an important consideration as well; how we choose the kick, beat, synthesizer, FX, and more because it affects the characteristics of the music. Like storytelling, to make EDM you have to know the groove and technique to get the adrenaline and surging emotions of music listeners. Tips from me: listen to musical references from various genres such as classical, blues, pop, jazz, rock, ethnic music, RnB, etc. because it will enrich our musical ideas.


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

My favorite DAW is Logic Pro X because it has a lot of good content that facilitates our work in making music, especially electronic music. For VST plug-ins, I like the Nexus and Sylenth. The sounds of both of these VST presets are very helpful in my imagination.


What can we expect from you in the next year?

I should be better than before in all things and I will be productive in making EDM. It would be great if I could go international and have my music favored on a broader public scale; also to have a chance to collaborate with a variety of top singers.


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