Find Your Top 100 DJs – 5 Best Websites To Discover New EDM Songs

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Tired of hearing music from the same Top 100 DJs on the radio and every streaming service playlist?

Want to view the real Top 100 list? Then this list is for you.

If you spend enough time on electronic dance music or ‘EDM’ forums, someone is bound to pop up asking for songs that sound similar to something else. For a lot of newcomers to the scene, EDM refers to anything with percussion, synths, syncopated beats, and a whole lot of bass that gets played by the ever-disputed list of Top 100 DJs on EDM charts – and they’re not wrong, but it isn’t that simple.

Popular EDM genres and sub genres like future bass have become the face of the EDM scene. They’re the soundtrack to most compilation videos after a weekend-long festival, and the bread and butter for higher ranked DJs in publications. Unfortunately, once a fan is ready to delve deeper into a less popular sound, they’ll find mainstream Top 100 DJ lists have become useless.

While DJs with high popularity rankings often deserve their spots, their mixes won’t be for everyone. The best way for you to find a Top 100 DJs list that suits your taste is to create your own, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five websites you can use to discover new edm songs.

#5. Mixcloud

While it also hosts podcasts and radio shows, this UK-based online music streaming service lets you find and follow DJs and producers from around the world and create your own playlists.

Uploads and streams are free and unlimited, though you can upgrade to a pro or premium plan for an ad-free experience plus extras. There are over a dozen default tags for sorting music on the site, but you can use your own, and combine tags to find mixes that fuse elements from your favorite genres. Mixcloud is a great place to discover smaller local DJs not on EDM charts.


#4. YouTube

YouTube has always been an awesome resource for digging into niche topics but is a little trickier to navigate these days. The ‘related’ section for videos tends to be full of content you’ve already seen, and searching by genre will turn up the most viewed videos under that keyword regardless of relevance or quality.

Combat this issue by filtering your searches based on channels instead of videos, and finding smaller creators who produce their own mixes or promote other DJs. You can also check the descriptions on mix videos to see links to the DJs’ social media accounts or more of their work.


#3. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is similar to Mixcloud, but is the more popular of both platforms. With an app available for iOS, it has some edm songs and allows creators to give free downloads on their music. There is, however, a maximum upload limit of two hours without a paid account.

There is a tag-based search system for Soundcloud, but the site’s search engine is very versatile, allowing users to find DJs by their date joined and location, and follow groups geared towards specific genre(s). Their playlist function is also very easy to use, and you can choose to be notified when your favorite DJs have dropped new music.


#2. Billboard

Billboard Magazine’s fusion of its dance and EDM categories has narrowed the playing field for artists hoping to make it onto their charts, but it is generally regarded as one of the best musician-ranking publications in the world.

They use metrics from multiple sites including YouTube, Spotify, and Vevo to generate their lists, which are updated weekly.
While not all the DJs will have a label or marketing team behind them, it’s now a lot easier for solo artists to release and promote their own music online. That makes their lists still worth checking out if you want to build your own.



But at the end of the day there is no better source for electronic dance music than EDM RANKS, The ultimate edm source for upcoming EDM artists, songs and news.

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The EDM RANKS Top 100 DJs chart is based on votes instead of sales and streams, so fans can help give their favorite artists the recognition they deserve even without the funds to purchase an album. Because the website places a huge focus on organic shares and discovery and supporting artists, the UI encourages DJs to provide updates on projects, live shows, and even connect with others for collaborations. EDM RANKS’ fan-focused algorithm and layout make it the number one website you can use to find your Top 100 DJs in 2018.

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