Freaks ‘n’ Beatz Release Tropical House Song ‘Monster’ Remix & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Freaks’n’Beatz release their Tropical house remix of “Monster”.

This is a powerful hybrid of Dubstep & Trap in its best manifestation. Rhythmic and heavy sound plus stunning vocals by Frankie C. makes this single a serious bid to hit the music charts and audio devices of listeners around the world. In the single will be 3 different remixes of the track, so you can enjoy all the edges of EDM: Club Mix, Tropical Remix & Freaks Army Remix.

Check out the Tropical house of remix below, then listen to the original music video below.

Also dont forget to check out the exclusive Freaks n Beatz interview below.

Freaks ‘n’ Beatz – Tropical House ‘Monster’ Remix

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FREAKSNBEATZ - Freaks\'n\'Beatz - Monster (feat. Frankie C.) (Tropical Radio Edit)

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This year will be remembered not only by freaky costumes and horror stories, but also by the most powerful new release from Freaks’n’Beatz & Frankie C. called “Monster”. In the main roles of the new thriller are Freaks’n’Beatz and so freaky beautiful Billboard charting artist Frankie C.

Freaks’n’Beatz ‘Monster’ Music Video

Freaks and Beatz even gave EDM Ranks some early exciting edm news.

“Soon there will be several official remixes of first-rate artists, whose names I should keep secret for the time being” says Freaks and Beatz.

Freaks ‘n’ Beatz Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Freaks and Beats


What Inspired you to make this song?

I am inspired by absolutely everything that I live! My team, Freaks around the world, my label “Freaks Army”. Actually, I always live very rich, I try to travel a lot. A change of scenery helps me to distract from everyday life, fill it with bright colors and draw inspiration from new sources. By the way, we shot a breathtaking video in 360 for Flames! Taking part in the shooting and organizing them was just awesome! Such things inspire and energize me for a long time!


How did you begin producing dance music?

I came to the Music Industry as a producer first of all. Writing music for me has always been a priority. It all started with the fact that I was a little freak walking the streets of my home town LA. I heard music born by the city, street musicians & sounds of nightlife. It gave me emotions that later gave me a feeling and a powerful push for creative development. For me it was very interesting: what would I hear when I go out next time ?! I thought it was good idea to try do something myself and see how my friends would react to it. By the way, the first listeners were my Freaks Family: Dannny, James & Leila Freaks!


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

My favorite question is about VST … thank you for it 🙂 Important to say that Freaks’n’Beatz is a fan of analog sound, analog synthesizers and everything live :))) Without VST, of course, it does not work. Serum, V Collection from Arturia, good old Sylenth from Lennar Digital and Spire from Reveal Sound are my true friends. As for the VST effects, SoundToys is clearly in the first place. And the last name in my personal top is UAD plugins by Universal Audio.


What can we expect from you this year?

In 2019 I am preparing a very global release for my fans! It will be the first album, which will include both already released singles and unreleased exclusive remixes of my tracks. In addition to the album, soon there will be several official remixes of first-rate artists, whose names I should keep secret for the time being and keep up the intrigue! Of course, my fans won’t be left without my own new singles in 2019. I want to say from the whole Freaks Army! Thanks for having us, EDM Ranks! We wish you a rapid growth and a grateful audience!


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