Free Water at Amsterdam EDM Festivals

free water edm festival


Mayor van der Laan of Amsterdam signed a bill into law that requires all EDM festival organizers to provide free tap water to attendees.

Amsterdam city council will only grant licences to festival organisers if they guarantee festival goers will have unlimited access to free tap water to fill up their water bottles, the Parool reports on Wednesday.

In June a number of visitors to the Amsterdam Open Air festival had complained security officials had stopped them filling up their empty water bottles at taps. According to local VVD politicians, visitors to other festivals have had similar complaints.

Festivals organisers are supposed to ensure that there is one tap for every 150 visitors.


The bill came after visitors to the Amsterdam Open Air Festival were denied access  by security to fill their water bottles at open taps.

This is a bold move by the Amsterdam mayor, but don’t expect this ruling to come stateside anytime soon.

Some American festivals already do provide free water service, but it completely up to the promotion company and is not regulated.

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