Fzujar Releases “Reality Distortion Field” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Fzujar is a electronic dance music producer from Costa Rica.

He has only been producing for about one year now, and his newest song “Reality Distortion Field” has already made it onto the new Mau5trap playlist as a winner song.

Fzujar  – “Reality Distortion Field”


EDM RANKS caught up with Fzujar and asked him about his new song Reality Distortion Field (RDF), what inspired him, how it got onto the Mau5trap playlist and much more. Check it out below.

Fzujar Interview

Tell us about “RDF”. How did you come up with this idea?

Reality distortion field came to my head while watching a Steve Jobs movie. There’s an scene where the actor who plays Steve Jobs is having a discussion with the character played by Kate Winslet and how she was arguing that he was extremely confident to do incredible things even when he doesn’t have any capabilities to resolve his emotional and life problems.


What Inspired you to make this song?

I found myself identified with him in the way that he was kind of broken inside, he was aware of it and found through innovation the way to help others in a kind of relief through that method and that’s why I create music, just to take out all the bad things that any human being may have but draining them into hope or love for others.  This song is about when you have the feeling that you can conquer the world with inspiration and help others during that journey.


How did “RDF” find its way onto the Mau5trap playlist and on Zambah Music?

Actually I was looking on Mau5trap website about when Deadmau5 will going to release Polaris and I saw this demo submission contest. I signed up on Zambah Music and submitted this song. Last Friday I’ve got an email from Zambah letting me know that my song was one of the winners and I felt like I was living a dream because I’m a Deadmau5 super fan and this opportunity was something that I never expected to happen or be real.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I have some musician friends here in Costa Rica who are very popular in my country and they started to push me to do something because I’m an extremely music geek and lover so I just started less than 1 year ago producing my own music from scratch and then a new world started opening for me.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

I don’t use any instruments because I don’t know how to play any haha, no MIDI, no pads just the mouse, my laptop and a lot of passion, patience and inspiration. I use Nexus and Sylenth but a lot of plugins created by independent developers  who have their own websites where they have them there for free download.


You Mentioned how Steve Jobs was an inspiration to you, can you elaborate?

He was a positive guy in a way never seen before and I think that all of us no matter the country, race or culture we all have feelings and thoughts and sometimes we want to do something but we never know how to accomplish that in specific, and I think that if we start to believe more in ourselves we will be able to fight for what we want no matter how, when or how much it will take to accomplish that.


What can we expect from you next year?

I’m working right now in 2 albums at the same time. The first one midnight whispers (where RDF is included) is a dance club album with deep house, trance, progressive house and the second album Ara is more experimental, latino and psychedelic.I’m planning to finish them first and then make my first live show ever and wait to see what life can surprise me with this adventure.


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