Gareth Emery Trolls Ghost Producers & Fake DJs With ‘CVNT5’ Duo


Ever since ghost producing began to explode around 2011, more and more fake DJs have risen to fame.

Well it looks like Trance producer Gareth Emery has had enough of it and has come out with a hilarious video making fun of the fake DJ’s who buy their songs from ghost producers.

The video was released on Gareth Emery’s official Youtube channel. The video mocks fake DJs who purchase their songs from ghost producers instead of making their own EDM songs themselves.

The video begins with an average type dude living in his mom’s dark basement surrounded by a few LCD computer screens at his desk when a friend texts him. His friend’s text message says

We need to become DJs


The underground EDM artist (if you can even call him that?) begins reading the EDM news website his friend sent him and started seeing how much some famous DJs in the world make, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiesto.

He call’s his friend and asks if they can really get famous without having any talent, and his friend tell’s him yes that they can buy a ghost produced song from a ghost producer you just have to search Google for “EDM ghost producers”. The dude searches Google for “EDM Ghost Producers” and gets some results.

Next thing you know they contact the ghost producer by email and tell him:

We want to become DJs, I have my mom’s credit card and she has a sick credit limit so don’t worry about money. Just worry about making the track dope as fuck. Like super super dope. You do all of the music stuff, and then well go tour and play it at shows and shit. But you gotta make the music good first. And well do all the rest.


The ghost producer agrees to ghost produce them an EDM song for about $20,000.00 – $30,000.000. The fake DJ duo then visit the ghost producer at his studio and begin making a very professional sounding EDM song.

The two EDM DJ’s then buy a website and domain name for their new EDM group. They end up buying Whats even funnier is Gareth Emery actually bought that website domain name in real life to make CVNT5 seem more like a legitimate EDM DJ duo. if you visit it the website is filled with pictures and links. It’s pretty funny.

The CVNT5 duo begin practicing in their basement jamming out on CDJ’s like they are performing a live DJ set at a club or EDM festival. But nothing is even hooked up.

Next The CVNT5 DJ duo then pay the ghost producer who made the song and get their finished MP3 file from him. They begin uploading their new fake DJ song that they didnt make to Soundcloud and other websites. They buy fake Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter followers and begin to get fame and booked all around the world at nightclubs and EDM festivals.

They become an overnight success and play at all the worlds biggest events and are featured on all the major EDM news publications worldwide.

There’s no doubt that this music video is making fun of all the fake DJs who dont produce their own music, but what we dont know if which DJ’s specifically. But we think you can figure it out with a bit of research.

Does this mean all EDM artists and DJs are fake and that the end of EDM is near? No far from it.

Although there are fake DJs in the EDM scene you can always check for the legitimate artists and songs on our Top 100 EDM Artist/DJ charts, or our Top 100 EDM song charts.

This about sums it up, check out the full video of Gareth Emery Trolling Ghost Producers & Fake DJs With his paraody EDM ‘CVNT5’ Duo.

Dont forget to read the Youtube comments.


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