Ghost Producers + CA$H = The Next Big Mainstream DJ



Yes, its true. Ghost Producers + CA$H =  The Next Big Mainstream DJ, As no one else cares to expose electronic dance music’s biggest lie. (UPDATE: Its now cool in 2015 to talk about ghost producers, and is a major trending topic.)


What is a Ghost producer?

A ghost producer is a producer who creates music for someone else, for free or large amounts of money, and not claim credit.

EDM Ranks


Many will hate us for this article, some will love us.

If you don’t already know by now, you should… When you combine ghost producers and snobby rich kids in the same room you get the worlds next fake DJ.

The Worlds Next Fake EDM DJ’s

The worlds next famous EDM DJ is the prodigy of: Ghost Producers + CASH.

When you combine Ghost Producers + CASH you get The Fake DJ, Artist duo, trio, whatever you want.

Not always, but about..75% of the time, Yes.

A majority of fake DJs like to choose other ghost producers like Maarten Vorwerk, or Fabian Lenssen.

Because they dont understand how to produce electronic dance music and release their ‘next commercial EDM hit’ on the radio. Maybe Dr. Luke? Or even better Holoewell Dhar Niles?

 The Next Famous DJs

The Next Famous DJs are usually the babies of large conglomerate EDM record labels and EDM companies.

DJs are marketed hardcore as the face for the label to push more sales.

Sometimes, they just buy edm songs, and buy more edm songs!

99% the time they can’t even DJ, or for that matter even know what a compressor is.

They will do anything for fame.

This exact reason is why our DJ ranking and Top 100 EDM Charts were created.

To find the real EDM producers and bring back genuine EDM.

For example, Kids now DJ at festivals.. but cannot produce their own music.

Check out DJ Danny Avila, his Pioneer CDJ’s below are not even turned on.


No Power DJ Danny / #FakeDJ


How can one “DJ” with No Power?



@DJDannyAvila, photo credit to our friends at FPIA

Seems to us the headliners put on a better show, Is it because they are actually DJing?

Unless you like to watch people stand there and pretend to play?

If only DJ Danny actually turned on his Pioneer CDJ and had the power light LCD display on, maybe this article would never had been written.

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