Ghost Producers: Yes, They Are Real, They Do Exist.

ghost producers


Define Ghost Producer:

A ghost producer is a producer who creates music for someone else, for free or large amounts of money, and not claim credit.


It is nothing new for EDM Ranks to see other mainstream EDM News blogs, Djs, and record labels attempt to poke holes in our credibility. They call us liars, Say we troll the internet, and anything else to try to hide the biggest EDM secrets, All while they keep pushing their own EDM monopoly agenda of fake DJs.

David and Goliath

Ghost Producer v Fake DJ

Mainstream EDM vs Underground EDM


Ghost Producers & EDM’s Biggest Secret

If anyone wants to make a point of a producer who still produces 100% of his music, Its the Mau5.

Which is why its sad to say that producers must pretty much prove they are producing their own music these days, which is why we love deadmau5.

Whether you agree or not.

Time and time again we see no one wanting to accept the fact that ghost producers are real, they do exist.

Constantly people on Twitter and other mainstream EDM News blogs always tell us,

Prove it!


Fair enough.

Ghost Producers

Do you think these guys below would be in business, if we were lying? Producer Factory and House of Tracks.

(You know its bad when you see DJ Mag, A Top 100 DJ website, sponsoring a Ghost producer website.)

Now keeping it real, These websites are mainly for the poor upcoming DJs. The fake DJs with more money use private producers, who are even better. To get those beats and meet those producers, you must be on the inside of the private EDM circle.

Enjoy purchasing your beats!

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