Gianni Kosta Interview & New Song ‘Sirius’ [EXCLUSIVE]


Gianni Kosta is a French DJ/Producer with releases on many labels like Armada Music, Ultra Records, Hollywood Records, Counter Records, and more.

Gianni started producing in 2008 and has since made a big name for himself with many popular remixes like the Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me, Gianni Kosta Remix and many more.

Today we are here to discuss his amazing new original song “Sirius”.

“Sirius” is Gianni’s newest song signed with The Bearded Man records, which is an affiliate of the Armada label.

Gianni Kosta – Sirius (Original Mix)

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Sirius is an amazing melodic deep house song that grabs your attention immediately, with powerful vocals Featuring Belle and meaningful lyrics Sirius smoothy slides into a groovy house beat that makes you want to sit up out of your seat and start dancing. The song is so amazing its already trending in our Top 100 electronic dance music song charts just days after being uploaded.

Below we had a chance to ask Gianni a little bit more about his new song Sirius, VST’s, producing music, and more, check it out in the short interview below.

Gianni Kosta Interview

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘Sirius’. How did this song come alive?

Sirius is a track what i have did last year. When the singer send me the voice i’m totally in love and i have decided to work on a new version.



What inspired you?

Honestly, the first version I did is inspired by the voice of Madonna “Hollywood”Today the final track is completely outside of the context but it’s funny to remember and see how the things have evolved.



How did you get into producing house music / electronic dance music?

since 8 years, but, before that i produced more Electro. Now I focus more on my new direction and I feel great with the emotion of the “Deep House”.



Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

I use Serum, Massive, Korg m1.



What can we expect from you in 2016?

I wish success of my single “Sirius” and the for the others to come.



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