EDM Clubs Now Want Underground EDM Artists & DJs

Why Underground EDM Is The New "Cool"


It looks like another break thru win for underground EDM is coming, Powerful club owners of some of the largest and best clubs in Las Vegas are getting sick of paying for expensive top DJ talent, Mostly because it cuts into about 50% of their gross profits.

It seems the elaborate DJ rates in the previous years will soon end. But Last Vegas Nightclubs are not the first to start this trend. Major EDM Festivals began the underground EDM train in early 2015.

When part owner of the XS Las Vegas Jesse Waits was asked “If you could change one thing in the industry, what would it be?”

He responded with:

“A big thing right now is, and I think it’s talked about by a lot of people, is the amount of money that’s getting put out for the talent and stuff. It’s like changing the bottom line, so you know you made x amount of money before and you never had this much. Now with DJ costs that’s included, it’s like sucking fifty percent of your gross.”

Jesse Waits


And Jesse isnt the only one.

According to Page Six magazine, a new Las Vegas nightclub called Intrigue will not be paying the big ticket DJ price tags for the worlds Top DJs. The new Las Vegas Nightclub Intrigue is among the first clubs to straight up refuse to pay DJs the top rate they are use to in Las Vegas.

The Intrigue nightclub will be located in the Wynn Las Vegas, with a new VIP room, and place more emphasis making people more social and have conversations and avoid their cellphones said Sean Christie, the Chief operating officer of the Wynn.

Intrigue is now open in the Wynn Las Vegas, and no world-famous button pushers will make it on their payroll. If you check out their website you will only see underground DJs and artists playing there.

It is the opposite of a big DJ-driven club


says Sean Christie, chief operating officer of Wynn Las Vegas, telling The Post’s Michael Kaplan.

“People are sick of the DJs in Vegas. It’s ridiculous to have the same five or six guys, pay them a fortune and lose money.”

Victor Drai


Victor Drai is part owner of the XS Las Vegas Nightclub and Encore Las Vegas. Drai is also one of sixteen professionals listed in the Nightclub Hall Of Fame.


Page Six / Next Shark

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