Google employee lives in a truck in the company’s parking lot


23-year-old Google engineer Brandon headed from Massachusetts begin work as a software engineer at Google, opting out of a standard overpriced San Francisco apartment. Instead, he moved into a 128-square-foot truck. Could a truck be the perfect electronic dance music studio setup?

Brandon has no electricity at night so he charges his phone at Google and uses the battery at night, Same for his computer. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Google and showers every morning in the Google gym.

I don’t actually own anything that needs to be plugged in



Besides one friendly run-in with security after getting home late from a movie one evening, his truck lifestyle hasn’t been a problem. He was greeted by about 10 security personnel that night, but after showing them his corporate badge — and even offering to move the truck — they apologized for waking him and even said he had a “sweet setup.” Google hasn’t commented on the matter.

I realized I was paying an exorbitant amount of money for the apartment I was staying in — and I was almost never home,” he says. “It’s really hard to justify throwing that kind of money away. You’re essentially burning it — you’re not putting equity in anything and you’re not building it up for a future — and that was really hard for me to reconcile.



Google Employee Lives In His Truck

Brandon lives in this 2006 Ford, which he paid $10,000 for in cash from his Google signing bonus.


The truck has a few built-in overhead lights, and I have a motion-sensitive battery-powered lamp I use at night. I have a small battery pack that I charge up at work every few days, and I use that to charge my headphones and cellphone at night. My work laptop will last the night on a charge, and then I charge it at work.



Brandon explains on his blog.


If I do plan on traveling the world, I’ll need to be comfortable with unconventional living situations, and this is certainly a good place to start



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