“GTA” Style EDM Music Video

gta edm music video


This is one of the best EDM music videos we have seen.

EARBUTTER, the underground EDM artist who broke the Beatport Top 10 with his first release is back with another grimey trap tune ‘HUSTLAS and CUSTOMERS’

For the video, EARBUTTER stars as a fearless drug dealer. As he wakes up, he gets ready for another lucrative day in the hood. Rip deals galore and Earbutter fights for survival several times. Massive scenes including a blood-pumping 100 foot jump from a grand water crossing bridge leave the viewer on edge. After impact, Earbutter steals a boat and causes more havoc on his crime-ridden path.

“This new video from Earbutter kept me glued to the screen. The music and visuals worked so well. Very Creative”

Rednek | London, UK


EARBUTTER filmed nearly 90% of the video with the Go-Pro on himself and was responsible for all stunts. The co-director of the video is Alex Krivoruchko, a famous Russian film director.

With national television exposure, 5 world wide tours, and a number of stateside journey’s, Earbutter is a spin off from a well known EDM and hip hop artist who has focused on his signature style flavor of EDM under a new alias. Anything from Epic big room house to dub step that smashes floors in the UK to the grimiest trap that is blaring in the hood. Earbutter brings the heat in the studio, and live on stage with two turntables, a microphone, and an MPC to reign musical terror on any crowd he faces.

“That’s a sick video “

12th Planet | LA, CA


Earbutter’s previous and future projects are currently supported by a variety of EDM talent including 12th Planet, Rednek, 6blocc, Nerd Rage, We Bang, Mayhem, Cash Cash, MRK1 / Lokate, Tim Ismag, Zardonic, Doco, Sluggo, Son of kick, Future Prophecies, Raiden and many more top talented artists from around the world.

This EDM music video is based on the “Grand Theft Auto” style 1st person gameplay.

We thought it was really creative, and a cool tune.

“A lot of the trap music out there is really bland and cookie cutter. Almost like dudes are looping sound packs putting a simple 808 and pushing it out. Unique sounds, programming, and more flavor is something I’d like to see a lot more of in any genre in all scenes.”



“Hustlas and Customers” by Earbutter

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