Henry Dark Interview & New Single ‘Beirut’ On Armada Music [EXCLUSIVE]


Henry Dark (known as Henry Archee) is an Australian producer and DJ from Sydney. His track ‘Beirut’ saw his debut on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show Episode 762.

We got a chance to speak with this upcoming DJ and producer to get more details about his new single coming out on Armada Music. 2016 has so far given Henry’s career a huge boost as he has joined the well established Armada Music label along with David Gravell, Ben Gold & Omnia.

Henry’s style can be described as ‘progressive trance’, which is known for lush melodies. Beirut begins with a nice funky groove that leads into a rough heavy lead. The song then transforms into a beautiful warm soothing and calming melody for the break, with epic vocals that then transforms the bliss into a heavy uplifting euphoric Trance song.

Henry also likes to delve into other styles such as house. Recently, Henry has signed more songs on Armada Music and without a doubt, holds great talent and promise that is definitely worthy of looking out for in the future. Expect to see more of him very soon, until then check out the interview with Henry Dark below.

Henry Dark Interview

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘Beirut’ / How did this song come alive?

I guess it all started when I found this amazing vocal. I had already started a track with a similar key and it just worked with the chords really well which was perfect for me! I think it gives a really good overview of the sort of music I’m into right now, because it blends some electro with trance and house at the same time.


What inspired you?

Im definitely inspired by a lot of the world vocals out there such as the one I’ve used in Beirut. To this day one of my favorite songs is ‘Prelude by Above & Beyond’ because of that vocal!


So how does it feel to be recognized by Armin Van Buuren, one of the biggest Pioneers of electronic dance music/Trance?

Its surreal to say the least. I’ve been a follower of Armin Van Buuren since I began listening to dance music. He’s really inspired me with his weekly radio shows, which I’ve been listening to since i was in high school. He really helps out a lot of producers by playing their music on his show and he never disappoints.

How did you get into producing music?

It really started once I got into listening to Avicii and Hardwell. I just loved really uplifting melodies and would always be trying to write stuff myself whenever I had the chance.

What is your software (DAW) to use? why?

At the moment I’m on FL Studio. I think its really all you need to pump out ideas in a flash and I use all of the third party plugins, so I’m not really missing out on the high end software which a lot of the big guns are using. I have always used FL Studio and I think I will for along time to come, however if i were to switch to another program, I would probably go to Logic.


What can we expect from you in 2016?

Well you can expect A LOT of fresh new tracks, I cant wait to release some of my newer projects, I just want to establish more of a profile for myself so people can really see what I have to offer.
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