How Does Your Top 100 DJs & Producers List Work?


Some have asked how does your Top 100 EDM Charts Work?

And.. its pretty simple, You (fans, DJs, Producers, Artists, record labels, anyone with an account! ) control who wins!

Login with Facebook/Twitter to create a free basic profile and follow the DJs, Producers and artists you like and watch them rise closer to 1st!

Alternatively, you can also explore new electonric dance music, and members who do not rank in the top 100 djs charts.

At the end of the year we will announce the winners for the Top 100 electronic dance music DJs, producers and artists.

Explore New Electronic Dance Music

Once you have logged in to the best social music platform for electronic dance music, You can begin listening to new electronic dance music instantly, just click the Stream button at the top of the page and begin epxloring new EDM DJs, producers, vocalists and artists who are sharing their latest song or news.

We have new artists, producers, DJs, and vocalists from around the world joining every day posting new electronic dance music. Alternatively, you can also read the best EDM news while exploring the best DJs and producers. We are your #1 source for electronic dance music.

The Ultimate Sharing Platform for Artists, DJs & Producers

Share your EDM Ranks DJ/Artist profile on social media and other places to have your fans Sign in with Facebook/Twitter and follow your profile. You can also get more exposure and votes by sharing your music in the Stream, If people like your music they will also follow you. For more info on how EDM Ranks works check our FAQ page, or contact us.

What About Cheating?

We ensure there is no cheating with our proprietary system that logs each vote, IP address, and username.

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