How to get signed on a Major EDM Record Label: With A Proper Music Promo Email


Other than having great sounding EDM songs everybody loves to listen to, There are a few more things an underground EDM artist will need to do in order to get signed to a major EDM record label and have a successful DJ/Producer career.

Professional Music

The first step is to have great music, Check? Ok moving on to the best EDM promotion tips.

A Professional Image:

Having a professional image is not just about having the coolest content, videos and pictures. If it doesn’t match, or has no theme to it, Your chances of being noticed have just been decreased by 50%. Find an image that fits your music, a theme. Even if it is just 2 colors. Take a look at some of your favorite logos and designers. Study them, then design something you like based upon your own creative ideas you come up with and something that fits your style.


Social Media:

Social Media today is like the King on the Chessboard. Without him its game over. Make sure you AT LEAST have a Facebook AND Twitter profile. There are so many booking agents, tour managers, label recruiters, A&R managers, and many other EDM music industry moguls on social media looking for new talented DJs and Producers.


Unfortunately, if you don’t have a soundcloud yet and are posting videos on youtube, thats great.

But Soundcloud is where a majority of the big EDM record labels want to go to check and listen to your music. Sometimes underground artists will enable Youtube Ads on their songs to help monetize and make money, This turns off major record labels as they must sit and wait 30 seconds each time they want to listen to your music. Imagine checking 100 emails a day, and waiting 30 seconds on each one. They wont do it. They will just skip over you to the guy who has a soundcloud account.

Write A Proper EDM Promo Email

And last but not least is: To Write a proper promo email. If the emails you send out to the Record Labels suck or don’t grab their attention. You miss out. Below is an example of how you should compost an email to get signed on a major EDM Record Label.

how to get signed to a major EDM Record Label

how to get signed on major EDM Record Labels

Try to remember,


keep it simple stupid.

Keep things extremely simple and to the point. Dont send “follow up” emails to the record labels as they serve no purpose and only annoy. Use soundcloud stats to keep track of who is playing your tracks.  If the record labels like your track 9/10 they will respond back to you. Only send your absolute best work and material and never send unfinished, unmastered tracks or demo tracks.


Major Record Label Emails

Most of the big record labels like Spinnin Records, and Ultra allow artists to send in music directly from a “Contact Us’ form on their website.

For the other labels that don’t have this you will need to find their demo email and send the songs there.

You can also send us your EDM demo’s here for a chance at promotion on our blog.


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