How To Make Electronic Music

How to make electronic music


EDM is taking over the global music charts and top 100 songs.

Do you ever wonder how music producers and edm artists make those professional sounding songs?

Are you trying to learn the secrets to making professional songs without paying thousands of dollars? Or maybe you just want to learn how to make a remix?

Many of these other edm news blogs wont tell you enough, or want you to buy something to learn more.

We will let you in on those secrets below in this article, without charging you.

Some of the best edm artists like deadmau5 started with a simple desk and computer.

Dont believe me? Look at this picture below.

Martin Garrix Shows How To Make Electronic Music

The secret is that these edm artists know things you dont.

Check out the video above that shows how Martin Garrix produced his electronic music songs. ‘For me im a melody guy’ says Martin Garrix.

‘Sometimes i use a midi file, or played a real piano player and i just change the notes’

‘I Used the FL Piano for this song’ Says Garrix.

Many blogs talk about how to make electronic music, but dont actually show you anything substantial.

In this news blog we will show you real life examples. And too hopefully also give you a little bit of motivation.

Just like the two examples of deadmau5 and Martin Garrix that we just showed you.

If these two examples didn’t already get your brain buzzing with new ideas, then keep reading we have some more for you.

The Electronic Music Production Guide

Many people are afraid to lean how to make electronic music, but dont be.

This guide will help point you in the right direction about electronic music production and edm tutorials. Once once you begin to make electronic music you will never feel more free being able to express your creativity.

And soon after reading this you will be on the road to being like deadmau5, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

EDM Production Guide Basics

You can learn for free, don’t waste hundreds or thousands on these ‘download my PDF’ now game.

Learn the secrets that no one is telling you about. The secrets to music production that all music producers in the world are using.

Rule #1 – Learn What The Compressor is

The compressors an essential tool to make electronic music songs.

Learning how to ‘sidechain‘, this is a required technique if you want to make a professional mix.

Rule #2 Learn What The EQ (Equalizer) Is

Many DAW’s come with an EQ or more.

Ableton comes stock with EQ 3, and EQ 8 that can EQ 8 different frequencies.

Rule #3 Learn What The Reverb Audio Effect Is

Music production with edm requires lots of effects and audio plugins.

Reverb is just one of the many audio plugin effects you will be using so it’s best to understand this as soon as possible.


#4 – Dont Pay For Garbage ‘How To Do This’ PDF’s

Stop paying a ‘mastering professional thousands of euro’s or dollars per hour.

This is not necessary. The good information will be free, check out our EDM artist guide here.

This is not how many of the most famous EDM artists and music producers started. Many of them started with humble beginnings.

Dont fall for the ’10 ways to do this’. Many of those articles are just written for 1. to make more sales for that company and 2. To make more sales for that company.

These are the same guy’s who years ago were telling everyone “ok you need to make and release 1 track a month”.

Now these edm promotion people learned over the years that strategy doesn’t work. They learned people are smarter than that and eventually quit listening to the crap edm songs they were pushing. They are the reason the market got so saturated and flooded in 2011-2018. They soon backed off that edm promotion strategy after learning it was not sustainable promoting low quality edm songs.

They now promote ‘quality over quantity’.

How ironic?

Well.. at least now in 2019 everyone is on the same page now?

Quality! Quality! Quality!

  • Information is power
  • Learn for free
  • You dont need to know important people
  • You dont need to live in LA or Amsterdam
  • A computer with a DAW is all you need

They just want to sell you a how to pdf guide.

The truth is that all of those things and tasks and calendars can be done in a free Google Excel sheet. Make it in the cloud and it’s there forever. Set it and forget it.


#5 – Dont Pay Thousands of Dollars

If you are spending thousands of dollars stop immediately.

Other than purchasing a DAW, your expenses for learning how to make electronic music is 0$.

The truth is that you will just need a decent pair of headphones or speakers, and maybe a midi keyboard.


#6 – Nice Speakers Definitely Help

A good start would be something nice, but if you dont have the money use what you have until you can get nicer audio monitors.


#7 – How To Make Electronic Music

If you are wondering How to make electronic music? then you are in luck.

This news article will go over everything you need to know to get started making electronic dance music. If you want to learn how to produce professional edm songs you will need to first understand how the DAW works. before you start to play with audio plugins and vst’s, A great idea would be to download the DAW installation manual and read that from page 1 to end.

Once you have done this you can experimenter with some audio plugins/vsts and making music.

If you are following some of your favorite edm artists and Top 100 DJs you might have heard them say DAW’s like ‘Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools’ or other names. Ableton live is arguably one of the most popular daws for edm.

Why so many? To make it short, people think in many different ways. The music software reflects that by the user interface (UI) and how it functions.

Some of the main things to know on how to make electronic music is:

  1. Find a DAW that you like and are comfortable with. – Cubase, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, the list of daws keeps going and going like the energizer battery. The most important thing is to use a DAW that you like and feel comfortable with. Ableton is the most popular with edm artists and producers so if you plan on collaborating with them the keep that in mind. Sharing the samw DAW with friends or artists you are working with makes things easier because you can share the project files much faster and more easy.
  2. Sidechain compression (in Ableton this is made very simple). – You will need to make sure to sidechain your vocals and melody to your main kick drum. This makes your kick drum have a nice hard thump and punchy bass that rocks in the nightclubs.
  3. Learn how to EQ. – If you cannot equalize each sound, and your master track then you will never achieve the professional radio song sound.
  4. The computer is your most important and main weapon. – Learning how to use VST’s and audio plugins will be your best weapon and understanding how they work. Everyday there are new audio plugin companies and vst manufacturers who are releasing new technology and ways to manipulate sound.
  5. Watch the Cymatics Youtube video channel for tutorials.
  6. Watch the EDM Ranks Youtube channel for music production tutorials.
  7. You don’t need a professional studio. You just need a decent pair of speakers and maybe a midi keyboard to help with melodies.
  8. Your mindset, research, and learning are of critical importance. Dont keep facebook open and chat with friends when you are trying to make a new song. If will take away your focus and you wont finish a song. Believe me. Same thing goes with your phone. Put this behind you on the table or somewhere that you must get up from the chair to find the phone. Another tip is to just turn off your wifi on the computer. But if you want to research for vsts and audio plugins then you will need to keep wifi on.
  9. Things wont happen overnight, so be in it for the long haul.
  10. Research, research, and research. Always research new updates with the synths, audio plugins, DAWs and other audio software programs you use. It’s actually better if you can stay ahead of them if possible this way when new things come out, you are already know about it.
  11. Find your genre and style and stick with it.

#8 – Make A Original Melody

Are you stuck on melody ideas? Take a tip from Martin Garrix himself and download a free midi file here then alter the chords and make it your own new melody.

Also check out this deadmau5 tutorial:

2008 Deadmau5 Live Music Production Stream

In this video below deadmau5 is giving live edm tutorials on ustream. ustream is now ‘IBM Cloud video’.

In 2008-2012 Deadmau5 was made 90% of the songs that made him famous today. These songs are still some of his best and most popular worldwide.

With that said, you can clearly see he made them with minimal music gear.

Joel is jamming out with a Virus Ti keyboard, for those of you who were wondering. That is the white keyboard on his desk.

Ontop of that we can see he has a doepher-100 single rack piece, some nice speakers, keyboards and a few other things.

He didnt have the glorious edm studio you will see in the next video below.

Again, you do not need this to make many of the sounds you hear on the radio and online today.

In 2006 he released two albums – ‘Random Album Title’ and ‘Vexillology’ – and started his record label Mau5trap.

In 2009 The EDM Reocrd label Ultra Records Studios released Deadmau5’s album ‘For the Lack of a Better Name’ which include many of his famous singles too.

His success to many successful collaborations with other artists like Kaskade on ‘Move for Me,’ ‘I Remember’ and with DJ Rob Swire on the single ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.’ in the 2012 era.

In 2010 Deadmau5 also releases the smashing hit album ‘4×4=12‘ blasting him to the top of edm charts and went viral on social media networks like Facebook. He was a worldwide sensation by 2013.

2019 Deadmau5 Live Music Production

Below is a more recent video of deadmau5 in his 2019 studio.

#9 – Doing It In Real Life

Now the hard part is taking everything you just learned above, and making it happen in real life. Now you need to go into your daw and make something great with what you learned.

#10 – Need more help?

Join the Facebook EDM Ranks group or reach out to us in an EDM chat.

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