How to Mix and Master EDM Songs

Mastering Songs


If you are already beyond how to make electronic music and choosing the best DAW, then you will want to learn how to master your song to make it ‘more loud’ like the songs on the radio.

Many professional audio plugins will do this, but this edm tutorial is about how to get the same results, or close to it without the premium plugins.

Below we will give you some good ideas in this short edm tutorial for mastering songs with default vst plugins.

Mastering Songs With Default Audio Plugins

Check out this mastering tutorial post.

Mastering Songs With Premium Audio Plugins

For those who dont want to use stock audio plugins, you can use a more advanced mastering plugin like iZotope – Ozone 8.

This plugin has many features such as analyzing your master track automatically, then it suggests a mastering ‘mode’ for your song.

From there you can tweak the EQ more to get the perfect mix for your song. Or if you want, you can just master the song from scratch with your ear like music producers have been doing for the past 75 years. The decision is up too you.


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